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Wazifa for Sadness

Science has proved that reciting the Quran normalizes blood pressure and puts you in a soothing state of mind. Furthermore, the Quran is the best way to medicate yourself. We have talked about the Quran’s facts in one of our blogs recently, even talked about the Depression Cures taught by Ali (RA).

Meanwhile, most people agree that making wudu can ease your mind and can cure depression, as well as. is also suggested that one make Wudhu and pray 2 nafl salah. It is proven scientifically that there are amazing benefits of making wudhu, which can normalize your body’s system.


Anxiety, Fear, Panic attacks, tension, and depression can be cured through this powerful dua to cure fear from heart from The Noble Qur’an. Please see the Surah number 13, Surah Ar-Ra’d Verse number 28 below.

In the state of ablution, recite this verse 41 times and blow on a pure and cleansed water. Let this blown water be drunk by the patient. Perform this amal till you see positive results.


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