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Wazifa to get good Marks in Exams

If you have already written the entire papers. And now you are waiting for the results.

Then this is the right time. You should start this dua while waiting for the results as soon as possible. Don’t miss a single day. The more you pray and ask ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala the brighted the highest the grades you will achieve, Insha ALLAH.


Note: This doesn’t means that you quit studying/preparing for your subjects. You should keep studying/preparing for your exams, along with this you can recite this wazifa also.

To get success in exams, recite the following 100% assured wazifa to get good marks in exams. Insha ALLAH your paper would become easy for you and you will excellent grades in all the subjects.

After Isha prayers recite “Al Malikul Quddoos” 300 times with starting and in the end Durood Sharif. After this, make a dua to get good grades in exams to ALLAH with a generous heart.

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