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Just like in an arranged marriage, horoscope and birth charts are checked for compatibility, you can do the same when you are getting married via love marriage too. We never know how a person is in totality, and there is no better way to understand the future and know your future partner than astrology. Amjad Shah Bukhari can clear all your doubts regarding your lover and also answer your questions regarding compatibility, kids, financial stability, and health.

Rest your mind and enter your relationship with total confidence. Amjad Shah Bukhari's readings are rooted in 40 years of experience to guide you to a better path.


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Amjad Shah Bukhari is a fourth-generation astrologer with over 35 years of experience. Amjad Shah Bukhari takes pride in sharing his ancestral knowledge and heritage with the people of London and UK. His experience, goodwill, and ethics has made him one of the most popular astrologers in London and the UK. 

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