Ilm Ul Jaffer

Ilm e Jafar is a branch of knowledge which is based on the numerical values of alphabets. Each letter in the arabic abjad (alphabets) has been assigned a numerical value. On the basis of these values numerous calculations can be done. In order to gain mastery over ilm e jafar it is essential to know the abjad & their numerical values as well. The 6th Imam, Imam Jafar (R.A) was a great scholar & the founder of this branch of knowledge. This branch of knowledge can be used to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

We have published many articles on the benefits of ILM e JAFAR and we have also discussed the parts of ‘News’ and ‘Practices’ in depth. It is hard to deny the reality of the ILM e JAFAR but in our society it has become a fashion to put a tag of ‘Haram’ on anything that is higher than the intelligence of the persons who claims to hold the authority to issue decree on any matter.


We are presenting here some references from the history to show the authenticity of ILM e JAFAR. Before giving references it will be better to mention the names of scholars along with their books in which they have proved the genuineness of Jafar. These scholars have done a great research on Jafr. The scholars belong to the main two sects of Islam.

Jafr has two branches with many sub branches

  • Ilm ul Akhbar :  The knowledge of News and Perditions
  • Ilm ul Asaar : The knowledge of effecting things, curing ailments and treatments etc.

Each branch has many sub branches. Hundreds of books have been written till date, and those contain only a fraction of this vast and sacred knowledge.

This knowledge is from The Prophet [PBUH&HF] of God and a part of it reached us through the true Imams [A.S] from His [PBUH&HF] Family [A.S].